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Year: 2013

Kanye West ‘Bound’ for Lawsuit Over Use of Ricky Spicer’s Voice in “Bound 2”

Superstar hip-hop artist Kanye West was named as a defendant last week in a lawsuit filed by Ricky Spicer, former lead vocalist for ‘The Ponderosa Twins plus One’. Spicer alleges West used his vocals “at least” four times in the single ‘Bound 2’ without his permission. The lawsuit also names Roc-A-Fella Records, Inc., Universal Music Group, Inc., and Island Def Jam Music Group as defendants. Spicer’s suit claims th

The King Lives On: Elvis Presley’s Intellectual Property Rights Acquired By Authentic Brands

There is no doubt that celebrity licensing is big business, but what about deceased celebrities? As reported by the New York Post, Authentic Brands Group recently acquired Elvis Presley’s intellectual property rights for an undisclosed sum, believed to be at least $125 million. The rights, previously owned by Core Media Group, include Elvis’s image, name and likeness, as well as merchandising rights to his photos,

Trademark Registration Of Names, Nicknames And Slogans By Athletes And Celebrities Continues

We have posted a series of blogs regarding the growing trend in which athletes and celebrities have sought registration of their names, nicknames and slogans as trademarks. Trademark registration is typically sought as part of a plan to capitalize on the goodwill associated with such athletes and celebrities, often through licensing programs in which their names, nicknames and slogans are used on various types of me

$2.75 Billion Award Against Starbucks Highlights Importance Of Exit Strategy In Contracts

This case highlights the importance of negotiating the “exit” in any license agreement or distribution agreement. It is often said that the most important clause in these agreements is the termination clause. It is the termination clause, after all, which provides the mechanism and procedure by which a party may extract itself from an underperforming license. The termination clause provides the parties with the ri

Postmortem Rights Of Publicity

Not surprisingly, California and Tennessee (home to Elvis) are among those states with express statutes extending the right to publicity beyond the grave. In fact, Mr. Richman was influential in getting the California statute enacted in 1985. That statute grants heirs rights lasting 70 years from death. The duration of the right varies from state to state, typically ranging from 20 to 100 years.

Bentley Motors Prevails In Trademark Infringement Action

As reported by ABC News, Bentley Motors Limited Corporation (“Bentley”), British manufacturer of luxury automobiles, has prevailed in its trademark infringement action against two Florida companies, Fugazzi Cars, Inc. (“Fugazzi”) and Keeping It Real Auto Customizing Inc. (“Keeping It Real”). According to Bentley, Fugazzi and Keeping It Real manufactured and sold “Bentley car kits,” which “transform ordinary and inex

Last Chance To Register! Grimes LLC To Host INTA Roundtable On October 23, 2013

Next week we will host an International Trademark Association (INTA) roundtable on social media at our office in Norwalk, Connecticut. INTA’s title for this roundtable is: “Whose Content is it Anyway? IP Issues in Social Media”. During the roundtable we will discuss the extensive use of social media by businesses; ownership of content; applicability of copyright, trademark and right of publicity laws; identifying

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