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Month: March 2014

Clif Bar Sued For Trade Dress Infringment

As reported by Business Wire, KIND, LLC (“KIND”), a relative newcomer in the snack bar market, has filed a Complaint in federal court in New York against Clif Bar & Company (“Clif Bar”) over packaging for Clif Bar’s new line of “Mojo” trail mix bars. KIND has also sought a preliminary injunction, asking the Court to prevent Clif Bar from introducing its new packaging pending a trial. KIND’s Complaint is for trade d

Italy “Up In Arms” Over Ad Showing Michelangelo’s Iconic Statue David Cradling A Rifle

The Italian government is reportedly “up in arms” over an Illinois firearms manufacturer’s advertisement showing Michelangelo’s famous “David” sculpture holding a rifle — but if news reports are right, the Italian government is using the “wrong weapon” in the battle. The international outrage stems from an advertisement created by ArmaLite, Inc. showing David holding an AR-50A1 (which retails for over $3,000) wit

Litigation Brewing Over Use Of “B Strong” Trademark

From a trademark perspective, the Aboud Foundation has a valid point. While the Red Sox surely had honorable intentions in adopting and using “B STRONG”, and while they have donated the proceeds to charity, the Aboud Foundation appears to have valid trademark rights. In a trademark infringement litigation to enforce those rights, the Aboud Foundation could seek an injunction prohibiting the Red Sox from continuing

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