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By way of example, a quick search of the U.S. PTO’s Trademark Electronic Search Database reveals 97 live trademark registrations or pending applications containing the phrase “STAR WARS”. Moreover, the brand has further protected itself and diversified its licensing catalogue by securing trademark rights over many of the character names from throughout the STAR WARS® universe such as LUKE SKYWALKER® (Reg. No. 2454916


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away … the STAR WARS® brand became one of the most iconic and lucrative licensing franchises of all time. In negotiating during the creation of the first STAR WARS® movie, George Lucas took an impressive gamble on himself and the brand he was creating -opting for the rights to all sequels and future merchandise in exchange for less money upfront as the director. With an estimate

How’s the “TRUMP” Brand Doing Donald?

What do Brittany Spears, Tiger Woods and Samsung all have in common? They all, through self-infliction, have caused tremendous damage to their brand. While its normal (and often unavoidable) for the brand of a celebrity or a company to lose value over time, causing self-inflicted damage to your brand during its heyday can be catastrophic and cost millions. Worse still, any attempt to reverse the damage – once done –

NCAA Removes Right Of Publicity Release From Agreements With Student Athletes

the NCAA has now removed the disputed release from this year’s version of the Student-Athlete Statement. It appears that the NCAA may be attempting to distance itself from the intense scrutiny that has surrounded the release since the class action lawsuit was filed. It should also be noted that a federal judge is currently deliberating as to whether the NCAA illegally restrained trade by preventing the athletes fro

Grimes LLC Founder Chuck Grimes’ Career Featured In The Connecticut Law Tribune

A recent issue of The Connecticut Law Tribune featured an in-depth look at the distinctive and exciting career of Grimes LLC’s founder and Managing Partner, Chuck Grimes. The article, which appeared on July 15, 2014, highlights Chuck’s “40-plus-year career in IP law” and notes that he “has carved out a niche for himself, specializing in character licensing at his four-lawyer boutique with offices in Connecticut, M

Grimes LLC Founder Chuck Grimes Interviewed By Reuters With Regard To Upcoming “Peanuts” Feature Film

GRIMES LLC Founder and Managing Partner Chuck Grimes was recently interviewed by Reuters with respect to character licensing in view of the upcoming “Peanuts” feature film, starring such famous characters as Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Lucy, which is due in theaters next year.Chuck is an expert in character licensing and has authored more than twenty books on intellectual property and licensing matters, including T

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