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G&B Prevails in Domain Name Dispute for LeeAnn Powers

In Water Resources Group, LLC v. LeeAnn Powers, Case No. FA 1206001446834 (National Arbitration Forum July 11, 2012), the firm successfully defended against a claim brought under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP). Despite the fact that Ms. Powers had registered and used the domain name for over 3 years and had used the ICEBOX trademark for over 5 years in connection with the sale of arctic spring water in a biodegradable box, Water Resources Group (“WRG”) alleged that Ms. Powers’ work for WRG gave it rights in both the domain name and the trademark. A panel appointed by the National Arbitration Forum found that WRG did not own any trademark rights and denied WRG’s request to transfer the domain name.

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