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Intellectual Property Battle: Apple vs. Samsung

Two of the biggest technology companies are at wits end with one another in a large intellectual property lawsuit. Last year, Apple initiated proceedings against Samsung for stealing their ideas for the iPhone and iPad to be used in their own products. Samsung completely denied the charges and filed a countersuit right back at Apple in hopes tof ending the complaint. Apple, refusing to back down, sought over $2 billion for Samsung stealing their property. If Samsung has their side favored, then they are seeking $500 million from Apple for their troubles.

According to the World News, this case has been in trial for over three weeks now, and both parties have presented their case. If Samsung is convicted of stealing intellectual property, the results could be huge, and it would likely lead to the U.S. banning many of their products for their theft. Apple’s attorney, Harold McElhinny claimed in court that because of Samsung choosing to almost duplicate Apple’s technology, the public is more likely to not purchase their products because it lacks the unique quality it was originally designed to have. In this lawsuit Apple has made many accusations against this large technology company, claiming that it has attempted to steal multiple designs and products from them and many of their newer developments highly resemble that of Apple.

During this case reports show that the judge preceding over the case chose to ban one of Samsung’s products on the market, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, even though the court hadn’t rendered a final decision yet. If held liable by the court of patent infringement, this company could be looking at major penalties with the law, and likely they will be unable to sell many of their products as a result. Reports have said that executives from the companies have tried meeting and yet are unable to make a settlement for their case, and have vowed to see this trial all the way through, hoping the worst for one another.

Patents are created to protect the rights of the creator or designer, and in the event that someone seeks to steal or copy those designs or ideas it is considered to be illegal. Do you or someone you know own a design or an idea and believe that another is attempting to steal or copy it? At Grimes LLC, we are a group of experienced intellectual property attorneys who firmly believe that every creator and designer has a legal right to their idea or design. Don’t wait another moment while you witness someone using what is intellectually yours. With decades of experience we will do what is necessary to help your case and fight for your rights as an intellectual property owner. Contact us today for more information, we want to help you!

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