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Month: May 2014

Enforcement Efforts Are Key To Continued Success Of Godzilla Brand

Toho’s U.S. intellectual property attorneys have sent out countless cease and desist letters over the years, and have commenced more than thirty copyright and trademark litigations since 1991. The result of these enforcement measures is a thriving licensing program for the “GODZILLA” brand, which continues with the May 2014 release of the feature film “GODZILLA” and associated merchandising efforts. In addition, th

Seattle Seahawks May Pay Dearly For Continuing To Use “12th Man” Trademark

Seahawks’ licensed use of “12TH MAN” actually serves to strengthen the trademark, because in a licensing relationship all use by the licensee typically insures to the benefit of the trademark owner. The effect of the license, however, may be that the trademark is now more strongly associated with the Seattle Seahawks as opposed to Texas A&M, at least on a national basis.

Robert Altchiler Achieves Dismissal Of Indictment And Charges On Behalf of Client

Robert Altchiler, Of Counsel to Grimes LLC and principal of Altchiler LLC, has secured the dismissal of an indictment and all charges against Ralph Pecorale, a lawyer in New York and noted U.S. Poker player. In an 82-count indictment in 2010, Mr. Pecorale had been accused of unlawful conduct related to an alleged mortgage fraud scheme in Brooklyn, New York. The dismissal of the indictment and all charges again

In Advance of NFL Draft, Johnny Manziel Continues Efforts To Protect Personal Brand

The Trademark Office has since issued a refusal of the Reynolds application on grounds that “JOHNNY FOOTBALL” identifies a particular living individual (i.e., Manziel), and the trademark application did not contain his consent. Under U.S. Trademark Law, written consent is required for registration of a mark containing a name, nickname, stage name or pseudonym of a living individual. Reynolds submitted arguments aga

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