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Russell D. Dize

Attorney Profile

Russ is a Partner with the firm specializing in intellectual property litigation, trademarks,
copyrights and
licensing. He routinely advises clients regarding intellectual property disputes, protection of trademarks and copyrights and the negotiation of license agreements. In addition, he regularly represents clients in disputes before various state and federal courts on a wide range of issues in addition to trademark disputes before the United States
Patent and Trademark Office.

Since joining the firm, Russ has been actively involved in representing and advising toy inventors and toy companies with regard to disputes over the submission of toy ideas. He was intimately involved with Design
Innovation, Inc. v. Fisher-Price, Inc. (D. Conn. 2006), wherein the toy inventor clients were awarded a $1.7 million jury verdict in a case involving misappropriation of a novel toy concept. In that case, he conducted and defended more than twenty-five depositions over several years. In a similar dispute, he obtained a six-figure settlement on behalf of another toy inventor without having to commence litigation.

Russ has also been actively involved in the enforcement of trademark rights against infringers across a wide spectrum of goods and services. He has represented clients in numerous trademark proceedings before the United States Patent and Trademark Office”s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (‘TTAB’) to oppose or cancel the trademark applications or registrations of various parties. He has also been actively involved in the enforcement of copyright rights against infringers, particularly with regard to toy and game products, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Additional representative cases with which Russ has been involved include:

  • Palm Bay International, Inc. v. Cork Alliance, Inc. (S.D. Fla.)

Represented the importer and distributor of a famous wine brand in a trademark infringement litigation.

  • Max Rohr, Inc. v. Prakash (TTAB, N.D. Ohio)

Represented a multinational cigar company in a TTAB Opposition proceeding and subsequent federal court litigation; To date, the firm has successfully challenged an attempt by the Applicant to cancel more than three hundred trademark registrations of Opposer.

  • Cuban Cigar Brands, N.V. v. Inter America Cigar Company (TTAB 2008)

Represented a multinational cigar company in a TTAB Opposition proceeding; The firm successfully opposed Applicant”s attempt to register an infringing trademark after a trial on the merits.

  • Max Rohr, Inc. v. Boxer Tobacco Company (TTAB 2008)

Represented a multinational cigar company in a TTAB Cancellation proceeding; The firm was successful in cancelling Registrant”s trademark after a trial on the merits.

  • ProBatter Sports, LLC v. Southampton Sports Zone (D. Conn. 2003) (E.D. Pa. 2003)

Represented a pitching machine manufacturer in a patent infringement case; The firm defeated a challenge to venue in Connecticut and obtained a favorable settlement for the patent owner.

A frequent contributor to various publications in the field of Intellectual Property law, Russ has contributed a quarterly column to The Bottom Line, the newsletter of the International Licensing Industry Merchandisers” Association (LIMA), for the past several years. He has also frequently contributed to legal publications distributed by Wolters Kluwer Law & Business (Aspen Publishing), including:
License Agreements Forms & Checklists, Licensing Update and The Licensing Journal. In addition, he has been an Instructor on the subject of Trademark and Copyright Law in LIMA”s Certificate of Licensing Studies program for the past several years.

Russ received a B.B.A. degree from James Madison University and a J.D. degree from the University of Baltimore (cum laude), with a concentration in litigation and advocacy. During law school, he worked as a Legislative Aide to Senator Richard F. Colburn of the Maryland General Assembly where he performed legal research concerning possible legislation.

He is admitted to practice in Connecticut and New York and numerous federal courts, including the United States District Courts for the District of Connecticut and the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York. Russ is available by appointment at the firm’s locations in Connecticut and New York.

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