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New Reebok Product Is Intructive Regarding Scope of Clearance And Protection

When conducting trademark clearance searches and considering the extent to which brands should be protected, trademark owners are well advised to consider whether the mark in question is registered and/or being used by third parties in connection with goods and services that may not be readily apparent.Who would have thought, for example, that a world renowned athletic shoe and apparel company would expand its st

Grimes LLC Founder Chuck Grimes’ Career Featured In The Connecticut Law Tribune

A recent issue of The Connecticut Law Tribune featured an in-depth look at the distinctive and exciting career of Grimes LLC’s founder and Managing Partner, Chuck Grimes. The article, which appeared on July 15, 2014, highlights Chuck’s “40-plus-year career in IP law” and notes that he “has carved out a niche for himself, specializing in character licensing at his four-lawyer boutique with offices in Connecticut, M

Grimes LLC Founder Chuck Grimes Interviewed By Reuters With Regard To Upcoming “Peanuts” Feature Film

GRIMES LLC Founder and Managing Partner Chuck Grimes was recently interviewed by Reuters with respect to character licensing in view of the upcoming “Peanuts” feature film, starring such famous characters as Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Lucy, which is due in theaters next year.Chuck is an expert in character licensing and has authored more than twenty books on intellectual property and licensing matters, including T

No “Three-Peat” This Year, But Pat Riley Continues To Profit From Trademark Rights

Perhaps one of the most famous examples of obtaining trademark protection for a catchphrase is the registration of “THREE-PEAT”. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Pat Riley (“Riley”), former NBA player and coach, and current President of the NBA’s Miami Heat, submitted a trademark application for “THREE-PEAT” for clothing in 1988. At the time, Riley was the head coach of the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers and the L

U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Cancels Six Of The Washington REDSKINS Football Team’s Trademark Registrations

The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office issued a decision granting a petition to cancel six trademark registrations containing the term “REDSKINS”. The decision states:[W]e decide, based on the evidence properly before us, that these registrations must be cancelled because they were disparaging to Native Americans at the respective times they were registered, in violation of Section 2(a) of the Trademark Act of 1

Update: NCAA Settles Right Of Publicity Lawsuits, But Larger Issues Remain

As reported by ESPN, the NCAA has now agreed to settle the Keller litigation and two other cases for $20 million. The $60 million total settlement, if approved by the Court, would be paid to Division I men’s basketball and Division I Bowl Subdivision football players whose images, likenesses or names were used in video games produced by E.A. Sports. While the specific criteria that will be used to distribute the se

Beastie Boys Score Copyright Victory Against Monster Energy

Rolling Stone reports that the Beastie Boys sought damages over $2 million. However, Monster Energy claimed that, at most, it could be liable for only $125,000 and claimed that their conduct was inadvertent and not “willful”. According to media reports, a Monster Energy employee had mistakenly believed Monster Energy had the requisite permission to use the Beastie Boys’ songs in the video. During the eight day tri

Owners Of “California Chrome” Prepare To Capitalize On Intellectual Property Rights

No doubt seeking to capitalize on California Chrome’s newfound fame and success, the owners have taken steps to protect their intellectual property rights by filing a U.S. trademark application for “CALIFORNIA CHROME” for “athletic apparel, namely, shirts, pants, jackets, footwear, hats and caps, athletic uniforms.” In the event that California Chrome wins the Triple Crown, there will likely be countless opportuniti

Enforcement Efforts Are Key To Continued Success Of Godzilla Brand

Toho’s U.S. intellectual property attorneys have sent out countless cease and desist letters over the years, and have commenced more than thirty copyright and trademark litigations since 1991. The result of these enforcement measures is a thriving licensing program for the “GODZILLA” brand, which continues with the May 2014 release of the feature film “GODZILLA” and associated merchandising efforts. In addition, th

Seattle Seahawks May Pay Dearly For Continuing To Use “12th Man” Trademark

Seahawks’ licensed use of “12TH MAN” actually serves to strengthen the trademark, because in a licensing relationship all use by the licensee typically insures to the benefit of the trademark owner. The effect of the license, however, may be that the trademark is now more strongly associated with the Seattle Seahawks as opposed to Texas A&M, at least on a national basis.

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