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Trademark Registration Of Names, Nicknames And Slogans By Athletes And Celebrities Continues

We have posted a series of blogs regarding the growing trend in which athletes and celebrities have sought registration of their names, nicknames and slogans as trademarks. Trademark registration is typically sought as part of a plan to capitalize on the goodwill associated with such athletes and celebrities, often through licensing programs in which their names, nicknames and slogans are used on various types of me

Last Chance To Register! Grimes LLC To Host INTA Roundtable On October 23, 2013

Next week we will host an International Trademark Association (INTA) roundtable on social media at our office in Norwalk, Connecticut. INTA’s title for this roundtable is: “Whose Content is it Anyway? IP Issues in Social Media”. During the roundtable we will discuss the extensive use of social media by businesses; ownership of content; applicability of copyright, trademark and right of publicity laws; identifying

Target Corporation: A Case Study In Trademark Territoriality

The “Target” trademark is a case in point. According to an article in the Star Tribune, an Australian store also uses the name “Target,” along with a distinctive red bulls-eye logo that is virtually identical to the one used by the Minneapolis-based retailer, as well as the same “Get More, Pay Less” slogan. However, the two companies have no relationship with each other. You might think that the U.S retailer would ha

Trader Joe’s Claims Trademark Infringement And Seeks Injunction Against “Pirate Joe’s”

Earlier this year, Trader Joe’s brought a lawsuit against Hallatt, alleging trademark infringement, trade dress infringement, trademark dilution and unfair competition. Trader Joe’s claims that Hallatt: (i) is selling unauthorized products bearing the registered TRADER JOE’S trademark; (ii) utilizes a store design and logo that are similar to that of Trader Joe’s; and (iii) is unfairly profiting from Trader Joe’s h

Beware: Domain Name Registration And Trademark Scams Continue To Haunt Trademark Applicants And Brand Owners

We have seen an uptick recently in scammers targeting brand owners. Typically, scammers target potential victims through emails from seemingly “official” foreign government departments or entities that declare another individual or entity is attempting to claim rights in and to the victim’s brand, either by applying to register for trademark protection or attempting to register a domain name. Scammers invent various

Subway Loses Trademark Dispute Over Proposed “Footlong” Trademark

As reported by Bloomberg BNA, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (“TTAB”) has rejected an attempt by Doctor’s Associates, Inc., the parent company of “Subway” restaurants, to register “FOOTLONG” for “sandwiches, excluding hot dogs.” Doctor’s Associates filed a trademark application to register “FOOTLONG” in 2007. The application was opposed by numerous restaurants, including She

Reminder: Grimes LLC To Host INTA Roundtable On Social Media In Norwalk, Connecticut on October 23

Grimes LLC will be hosting an International Trademark Association (INTA) roundtable on October 23, 2013. The topic is: “Whose Content is it Anyway? IP Issues in Social Media”. The INTA roundtable will cover a variety of relevant topics, such as using social media in business, ownership of content, spotting risks and threats to intellectual property rights, addressing and mitigating such risks and threats and devel

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