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Intellectual Property Attorney

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Do you need advice or legal assistance with any aspect of intellectual property protection, intellectual property management or intellectual property exploitation, with entertainment licensing, product licensing, character licensing, franchising or trademark, copyright, patent or intellectual property enforcement? If so, the highly skilled intellectual property attorneys of Grimes LLC are available to assist you. We are leading members of the intellectual property legal profession, both in the United States and worldwide. Grimes LLC is a full service law firm whose members have decades of experience in all phases of IP licensing and trademark, copyright, patent entertainment, media, unfair competition, antitrust and corporate law. Serving clients throughout the world, our attorneys regularly participate in the creation of brands and in the negotiation and drafting of licensing arrangements to exploit those brands in a wide range of commercial fields for a diverse group of clients. We have a proven track record of success, representing our clients in multi-million dollar business transactions and in major litigations relating to the protection of trademarks, copyrights and patents and in the resolution of disputes relating to licensing agreements.

Founder and Managing Partner Chuck Grimes literally ‘wrote the book on licensing.’ He has authored a series of books on the exploitation of intellectual properties and served as executive editor of several leading journals in the intellectual property law field. Firm members have also written hundreds of articles on intellectual property and licensing law subjects, have appeared as legal experts and commentators on television shows and at trade industry seminars and symposiums.

Patent Litigation and the Law

As the firm’s founder and managing partner, Chuck Grimes has worked extensively in all facets of intellectual property law. Chuck has managed the worldwide trademark portfolios of leading consumer products companies. He has participated in major trademark and patent litigations. Chuck has been involved in some of the most successful commercial exploitations of intellectual properties over the last four decades. He is the former Trademark Counsel of Gulf + Western, which at the time owned Paramount Pictures, Madison Square Garden, Simon & Schuster and other well-known companies. Chuck and other firm members have been involved in the intellectual property exploitation of a diverse group of companies, such as Archie Comics, SOBE, Revlon, Avon, Pierre Cardin, Consolidated Cigar, Cuban Cigar Brands, Evian Waters, Hearst Entertainment, King Features, DIC Entertainment, Scholastic Publications, Harvard, Yale, UCLA, USC, Lego, Hitachi, Guess and the PGA, just to name a few.

Chuck and other members of the firm have been instrumental in structuring intellectual property exploitation arrangements involving Microsoft, Dreamworks, Disney, Universal Studios, Columbia, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, ABC, CBS and Time Warner, as well as hundreds of other companies. Their efforts have contributed to the generation of hundreds of millions of dollars in profits from successful intellectual property exploitation. The firm handles all legal matters and litigation connected with intellectual property and licensing law, including but not limited to the following areas.


Are you looking to protect your company’s ideas and preventions from unauthorized use by others? A patent can build your intellectual property portfolio and provide other benefits as well. Our firm can help with the process of creating patents or protecting your rights from infringements of existing patents.


If your company is pursuing expansion, you need an intellectual property lawyer who can protect the investments you have worked so hard to earn. When you decide to pursue trademark rights, you need to conduct a thorough search and availability analysis, and our firm is here to help.


Does the success of your business depend on the protection of your creative works? If so, you may be seeking to secure, transfer or license copyrights. Our firm will address your copyright issues with skill and finesse in order to aggressively protect your rights and your idea.

Trade Secrets

When trade secrets are mishandled, they can lead to the destruction of their value. Businesses are often founded on valuable trade secrets, and an attorney from our firm can help you secure the right to protect your secrets from being sold or licensed without your permission.

Worldwide IP Protection

If you are looking for legal assistance in securing protection of your intellectual property, our firm is the global leader in providing worldwide IP protection. We can assist you with the negotiating and drafting of comprehensive licensing arrangements and provide you with superior brand protection on every level.

IP Portfolio Management & Monitoring

When you need legal services to help you manage your valuable IP portfolio, look no further than the intellectual property attorneys at our firm. We take the time to understand your unique business needs and objectives, and we have the worldwide expertise to handle your IP portfolio management.


You need a precise license agreement in order to effectively use patents, copyrights, trade secrets and trademarks. We help you understand the intricacies of licensing agreements so that you can protect your rights and reduce exposure to risk.

IP Enforcement & Litigation

Protecting and enforcing a business’ intellectual property rights may be the key difference between the success and failure of that business. At our firm, we have decades of experience handling and enforcing intellectual property rights.

Agreements & Transactional Business Structures

Transactional business law involves drafting contracts and agreements for the entity and a variety of other processes needed to set up a business structure for a particular entity. You need to enlist the help of an experienced intellectual property lawyer who can help your business identify problematic areas and develop solutions to avoid litigation.

Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

Divestitures, acquisitions and mergers are common practices for companies in today’s business world, and can be part of any company’s business planning for the future. Our firm can provide you with expert legal guidance throughout every phase of these processes so that you can achieve your desired results.

Internet & E-Commerce Law

If your business has become successful at selling your products or services online, you need to be well-acquainted with your rights under internet and e-commerce law. For legal assistance in creating, managing, or protecting your online business, call our experienced firm today.

Business Planning

Looking for legal assistance with your business? It is in your best interest to take proactive action to set goals and strategic plans for your business, and our firm can help provide the resources you need to turn your goals into reality.

Anti-Counterfeiting Enforcement

In today’s world, counterfeit manufacturing can happen anywhere and to anyone. Regardless of whether you are a small or large business, you need to take action to protect your goods or services from counterfeiters.

Character & Corporate Licensing

This licensing is needed when the owner of a trademarked and/or copyrighted property grants a license to another entity. A significant portion of this licensing business is aimed at the general public and can include feature films, online entertainment, books and more.

Entertainment & Celebrity Licensing

If you are an entertainer or celebrity, or are representing one, you need legal representation and guidance to handle protect your individual property rights. This type of licensing refers to the grant of the right to third parties to use your name, likeness, brand or image.

Talent & Agency Representation

Are you an author, musician, celebrity, photographer or other talent? You can greatly benefit from the legal representation of your intellectual property, and our firm is an authoritative world leader in talent and agency representation.

For help with licensing litigation, consult us!

For skilled and experienced legal assistance in connection with any intellectual property or licensing law matter, it is in your best interest to arrange for a free initial consultation with one of our attorneys. We are leaders in the legal fields of intellectual property protection licensing and enforcement. We provide outstanding and aggressive legal representation that is built on proven results over many decades. Call us if you wish to benefit from the experience of a law firm that is known for legal acumen, excellence and service to a wide range of clients throughout the world.

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