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Agreements and Transactional Business Structures

The Importance of Transactional Business Structures and Agreements

Transactional business law pertains to the setting up of a business structure for a particular entity, such as a corporation, subchapter S corporation, LLC or partnership. Transactional business law also encompasses drafting contracts and agreements for the entity, including licenses, research and development agreements, joint venture agreements, invention disclosure agreements, employment contracts, non-compete agreements and commercial lease agreements, as well as handling mergers and acquisitions, and more.

An effective business and trasaction attorney identifies areas that could lead to problems and helps you to develop pro-active solutions to avoid disputes and litigation.

Business disputes often are connected with intellectual property matters, such as violations of trade secrets, infringements, dilution and unfair competition, to name a few. By consulting with Grimes LLC conflicts or disputes that arise in these areas can be resolved or settled so that your business can continue to thrive and expand. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge in connection with transactional business law and are experienced in pursuing and achieving financial benefits for clients through litigation avoidance and resolution.

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Do you need legal assistance with agreements and transactional business structures for your business or corporation? If so, an intellectual property attorney at the firm of Grimes LLC is available to consult with you at your convenience. Our attorneys are highly skilled in the negotiation and drafting of transactional structures and arrangements in a broad range of commercial areas, having provided legal assistance to a diverse group of clients.

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