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Character & Corporate Licensing

Character and corporate licensing refers to the situation where the owner of a trademarked and/or copyrighted property, such as a character, or a corporation grants a license to another entity, the licensee. The license gives the licensee permission to use the property in connection with agreed upon goods or services. Character and corporate licensing is one of the largest areas of the licensing business and probably the most well-known by the public. This type of licensing arises from properties originating in feature films, television shows, videogames, online entertainment and books. A significant portion of this licensing business is aimed at the general public. Types of merchandising goods include toys, cosmetics, clothing, publishing, electronics, games and more.

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Structuring a Licensing Arrangement

In structuring a licensing arrangement, formal permission is granted to the licensee to use the owner’s intellectual property in connection with specific goods or services in exchange for financial remuneration, such as a royalty. The license is subject to specific terms and conditions, such as geographical area and time restrictions. Licensing contracts may also include an advance payment against royalties due upon signing, a minimum royalty payable during the course of the license and a guarantee of an amount of royalties over the life of the license.

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