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Protecting Your Business from Patent Infringement

Correctly addressing copyright matters can be a vital factor in the success of your business. In circumstances where your entire operation and profits can depend upon your creative works, their protection and the enforcement of your rights in those works can be of fundamental importance. An attorney can assist with the securing, transferring and licensing of copyrights. These actions can cover books, websites, software, architectural works, artistic works and many other creative works. Copyright law allows for automatic protection of such works. But in order to enforce these, registration is necessary. Our firm addresses copyright issues internationally and is well-versed in aggressively protecting your interests.

If you are aware of your copyright rights being violated or if action is being threatened or actually taken against you regarding an alleged copyright infringement, your legal counsel can guide you in the most effective approach. This may involve a cease and desist letter, negotiated settlement or litigation to defend your rights. Depending on the specifics, your legal representation can advise as to the best response.

Protecting Your Royalty Agreement

At Grimes LLC our comprehensive approach to establishing and protecting your company’s copyright portfolio paves the way for smooth expansion. It can prevent copyright issues from arising in the first place or ensure that you are protected if they do. We will take the time to become familiar with your operation and goals, to advise you on the scope of copyright protection you need and to develop the most strategic and aggressive program to serve your needs.

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