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Anti Counterfeiting Enforcement

Enforcement Action Against Counterfeiting of your Intellectual Property

A vital part in the initial, as well as long-term, success of any business is in the protection of the business’ intellectual property. In today’s business world, with transactions happening both in brick and mortar stores and online, counterfeiting has become a major concern and a potentially costly issue for businesses to address.

Taking steps to secure intellectual property rights is vital to fighting against counterfeiting. If counterfeiting does occur, securing competent legal representation can mean the difference between your brand being protected or fading away due to unconstrained, cheap, counterfeit knock-offs.

Chuck Grimes, the firm’s Founder and Managing Partner, has an unprecedented success record when it comes to anti counterfeiting enforcement. One of his most notable cases involved the development and implementation of a plan which effectively protected the trademarks of the world’s largest premium cigar manufacturer against counterfeiting. He worked with undercover officers, private investigators, and local, state and federal law enforcement officials resulting in the seizure of tens of millions of dollars worth of counterfeit merchandise and the conviction of key perpetrators. His dedication and commitment was all part of his anti counterfeiting enforcement efforts on behalf of our client.

Our attorneys have considerable knowledge and experience dealing with counterfeiters and protecting our clients’ rights through anti counterfeiting enforcement. An intellectual property attorney at the firm will be able to review your situation, advise you of your options and give you the legal representation you need to defend your intellectual property against counterfeiters.

Intellectual Property Attorney

Anti counterfeiting enforcement falls under the realm and jurisdiction of intellectual property law. The firm is one of the leading intellectual property law firms in the world. The attorneys and legal staff at the firm have decades of experience dealing with all aspects of IP enforcement and litigation, which will be of great benefit in getting your intellectual property protected from counterfeiters. Should your case require litigation, the firm’s attorneys are seasoned litigators and will be able to competently represent you in your litigation.

Contact an intellectual property attorney at the firm if you need legal assistance with anti counterfeiting enforcement.

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