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Litigation and the Need for Expert Witness Service

The protection of intellectual property rights through trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets is an important part of establishing the basis for a company’s future success. Should the intellectual property of a company be left unprotected, the company’s legal options in the event of counterfeiting, improper sharing of trade secrets, and other infringements may be limited.

Securing a trademark, a copyrightpatents or even licensing key technologies, processes or products of a company is essential. There are instances, however, when despite legal protection being in place, a company will find itself requiring intellectual property enforcement or litigation to protect their IP rights. Should litigation be required, a knowledgeable intellectual property attorney at Grimes LLC will be able to review your situation, advise you of your legal options and assist you in all aspects of the litigation process, including meeting your expert witness testimony needs.

An expert witness is an individual who, due to specific education, training, skills or professional experience, is considered to be able to give the court “guidance” in a particular field. This type of witness need not have been an actual witness to the case being litigated, he is primarily hired to provide his expert opinion as it relates to his area of knowledge. Expert witnesses can be an essential part of infringement litigation, especially when highly technical aspects of the case would benefit from an expert opinion.

Intellectual Property Attorney

The firm is one of the leading intellectual property law firms in the world. The attorneys and legal staff at the firm have decades of experience dealing with all aspects of intellectual property cases. They are skilled in all aspects of litigation, including rendering expert witness testimony in over thirty cases.

Contact an intellectual property attorney at the firm if you need legal assistance with expert witness testimony.

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