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Licensing Litigation: Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets are all an important part of maintaining the success of any business or company. When another individual or company that has been licensed to use those rights breaches the license, it is actionable in a court of law. Under such circumstances, immediate legal steps must be taken to protect your company’s valuable asset.

The attorneys at Grimes LLC have extensive litigation experience and an extremely high success rate of achieving excellent results for our clients. The firm’s litigation expertise covers all types of licensing litigation involving
trademarkpatentscopyright and trade secrets.

Litigation is an extremely effective way to protect your rights when a license has been breached, providing you have an experienced and skilled infringement litigation attorney representing you.

Licensing Litigation Attorney

The firm is one of the leading intellectual property law firms in the world. The attorneys and legal staff at the firm have decades of experience dealing with all aspects of intellectual property cases including licensing litigation, which will be of great benefit to you in seeking to protect your rights.

The firm’s partners and attorneys have been involved in major licensing litigations, all with excellent results for their clients. Firm members have successfully represented inventors, artists, authors, illustrators, musicians, photographers, toy and game designers, software designers, entertainment and sports personalities, and many other individuals in licensing disputes.

Protecting your rights when a license has been breached can be the determining factor in your future success. Act now to secure your rights and intellectual property assets by seeking counsel from an experienced and seasoned infringement litigation attorney from our firm, who will aggressively fight for those rights and effectively litigate on your behalf.

Contact a licensing litigation attorney at the firm for legal assistance with infringement litigation.

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