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At Grimes LLC our intellectual property attorneys understand the importance of your IP portfolio, its establishment, management and protection. The firm is one of the leading intellectual property law firms worldwide, offering a full suite of legal services to help you manage your valuable IP portfolio. All of the intellectual property attorneys at the firm are fully knowledgeable in all aspects of trademarkpatentcopyright, and licensing law and are able to provide you with thorough and efficient assistance, tailored to your individual needs, goals and budget.

When you consult with one of our attorneys, they will take the time to understand your unique and particular business and objectives. We have worked successfully with a diverse group of clients, from celebrities, inventors, artists, authors, software designers, toy and game designers, musicians, entertainment companies, cosmetic companies, universities, banks, retailers, and many more in every imaginable field of creative or commercial endeavor.

The intellectual property portfolio managers at our firm have decades of experience in working with intellectual properties. The firm’s founder and managing partner, Chuck Grimes, has collaborated on some of the most successful commercial exploitations of intellectual properties over the last 35 years, from programs originating in movies and television shows, to programs based upon sports franchises, celebrities and corporate branding and many more.

The wide diversity of projects and clients that have been addressed and helped by the firm has given the firm a broad background and track record of success with every kind of IP portfolio. An intellectual property attorney at the firm can help you create value and then capitalize and protect that value by using proven tools and strategies. We invite you to consult with an IP portfolio attorney about managing and protecting your portfolio at your earliest opportunity.

Enforcement of Licensing Agreements

Infringement of your trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets or any other intellectual property rights is actionable in a court of law. In today’s world, success depends on the protection of these valuable assets for any business, small or large. If you need an experienced intellectual property law firm to protect, defend and enforce your intellectual property against any kind of infringement, we can help. Our legal staff has decades of experience in all aspects of trademark, patent, copyright, entertainment, media, unfair competition, antitrust, corporate and licensing law – experience which will greatly benefit your company. Firm members have successfully litigated intellectual property cases involving a diverse range of businesses, resulting in excellent outcomes for our clients.

Combating infringement by means of legal action involves seeking an injunction against, in addition to remuneration from, the infringer. With the help of an intellectual property lawyer at our firm, you can take action to prove to the court that you are the rightful owner of the trademark, patent, copyright or other intellectual property in question and that your IP rights have been violated.

As our legal team has such extensive experience in litigating cases involving intellectual property rights and licensing, your valuable assets – your brand name, trademark, patent or other intellectual property – will be in the hands of a proven legal professional. We invite you to consult with an intellectual property lawyer from the firm who can review your infringement situation and advise you on the proper course of action to take to favorably resolve the issue. Contact Grimes LLC today for more information.

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