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Talent and Agency Representation

Grimes LLC provides knowledgeable and skilled talent and agency legal representation. If you need legal assistance with any matter related to this area, you should contact the firm to set up a legal consultation with an agency lawyer at your earliest opportunity. You can discuss your issue or situation with one of our experienced attorneys, get the advice you need, initiate any needed legal action, handle any licensing or intellectual property matters, and more. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients from every imaginable creative, entertainment, and athletic endeavor, from the PGA, the NBA Players Association, to Pierre Cardin, Dreamworks, Disney and more.

Chuck Grimes, the founder and managing partner of the firm, has been involved in the intellectual property exploitation of a wide range of companies, trade associations and individuals, across a diverse range of industries, including in particular the entertainment industry. He has represented sports personalities, entertainment personalities, and celebrities in a law career that has spanned more than 30 years. He and his partners are world-renowned as authors and lecturers on licensing and intellectual property rights.

Are you an artist, author or do you represent one?

If you are an artist, author, musician, photographer, sports personality, entertainment personality, or other talent, or if your agency represents talent, and you need legal assistance or representation concerning intellectual property or licensing matters, a talent/agency attorney at the firm can help. We at Grimes LLC are authoritative leaders in this field and have been so for decades.

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