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Celebrity Licensing

In the licensing business, celebrity licensing refers to granting the right to a third party to use the name, image, brand, or likeness of a celebrity. By acquiring these rights under license, the third party can utilize them in the promotion or sale of their goods or services. Should you require legal help in a celebrity licensing matter or transaction, an attorney from Grimes LLC will assist you in setting up the desired arrangement.

A celebrity who licenses intellectual property (IP) related to their image, name, or likeness is allowing a third party (usually a group or business) to use those assets for the benefit of the third party’s business interests. In exchange for granting the licensing rights, the celebrity receives financial compensation, typically in the form of royalties. Depending upon the nature of the licensing contract, there may be limitations to what the third party can do with the intellectual property of the celebrity. They may only be able to utilize the property in certain markets, or for a specific period of time. In addition, there may be terms limiting the types of services or goods in connection with which the celebrity’s IP can be used.

Legal Support for Unlawful Branding

Grimes LLC is one of the leading intellectual property law firms providing IP services to individuals throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Our founder and managing partner, Chuck Grimes, has practiced law for over three decades, and has successfully managed a large number of celebrity licensing arrangements, including those for Jessica Simpson. We possess the experience and tenacity necessary to provide you with comprehensive legal support in your celebrity licensing matter, and with our help, your chances of a successful exploitation are greatly increased.

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