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Character licensing refers to the situation where the owner of a trademarked or
copyrighted property (in this case, a character) grants a license to another entity to use that property in connection with goods or services. Character
licensing accounts for a substantial portion of the licensing industry, and is likely the most widely visible aspect of the business in regards to public awareness. This form of licensing regularly involves properties that originate in films, television shows, video games, new media (entertainment found on the Internet), and books. The focus of character licensing is traditionally the general public, as they are the ones consuming the products in connection with which the properties are used.

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In the course of devising a character licensing arrangement, permission is given to the licensee to utilize the intellectual property belonging to the owner in connection with agreed-upon goods and services. In exchange for this, the owner is given financial remuneration, often in the form of a royalty. A character license contract may also feature a clause delineating an advance payment to the owner against royalties at the time of signing. The license is usually limited, i.e., subject to a number of terms and conditions.

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