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What is Entertainment Licensing?

Entertainment licensing involves granting third parties the right to use names, likenesses, images, or “brands” of entertainers or entertainment entities in the endorsement of products, services, or other commercial enterprises. An intellectual property attorney at Grimes LLC is available to assist you if you are an entertainer or owner of an entertainment entity, or the representative or agent of such a person or entity, and are in need of legal assistance. We will also be able to assist you if you are attempting to obtain a license from an entertainer or entertainment entity.

Grimes LLC is an intellectual property law firm that has been serving clients for well over three decades. Our team of attorneys have decades of experience in representing individuals, businesses, and organizations in their licensing cases, and we are available to assist you in your case. We have significant experience in managing the issues attendant to protecting the intellectual property of entertainers and entertainment entities, be they actors, musicians, bands, sports figures, or entertainers in other fields. Our goal is to facilitate you in the securing of a successful outcome to your entertainment licensing matter or transaction.

Protecting Your Image from Exploitation

When an entertainer or entertainment entity licenses their name, likeness, or image, they are essentially leasing that intellectual property to another individual or group, referred to as the licensee. The licensee will be able to exploit the intellectual property of the entertainer or entity in connection with the goods or services that they sell, within the confines of the terms and limitations set out in the licensing contract. Generally the licensee will have the right to make use of the entertainer’s property only in certain geographic locations, and only for a finite amount of time.

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