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Patent and Technology Licensing

Protecting Your Original Invention

The creator of a new technology, who holds the patent on that technology, is given special rights to control its production, distribution, and use. One of the rights they possess is to license the use or distribution of their technology to a third party, for the facilitation of the third party’s business interests. A common example of this is in the automotive industry. Automobile manufacturers frequently purchase or license technology patents owned by an individual, group, or business. In doing so, they are essentially “leasing” the technology, which allows them to put it to use in one or more of their vehicles.

As with all licensing contracts, technology and patent licensing usually comes with some form of restriction or limitation, as dictated by the owner. The use of the patent, or the technology that it protects, will only be permissable in certain locations, at certain times, in a finite number of applications. Grimes LLC is available to assist you if you hold a patent on a technology and require assistance in a licensing issue or transaction, or if you are interested in licensing a patent owned by someone else.

Experience in IP Litigation

Established in 1980, Grimes LLC has provided intellectual property services to a large number of diverse clients throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Our attorney team, including founding member Chuck Grimes, is extremely well versed in licensing law, and has provided support and representation in countless licensing cases, such as those involving patents and technology. If you require guidance in a patent and technology licensing matter, contact our firm today. We will address your specific business needs in the pursuit of an outcome that is advantageous to you.

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