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The Benefits of Protecting Your Contract

There are many legal issues that pertain to software licensing, including the preparation of unique agreements and related documents. Licenses can include terms regarding the ownership of the software, how it is installed, used and maintained. They can also contain information on warranties, customization, liability, indemnification and royalties. When critical terms are omitted or licenses are poorly drafted, it can put your intellectual property rights at risk, and result in lost income and costly litigation. Grimes LLC can use their knowledge to help your software remain protected and prevent future liabilities. This includes licenses such as:

  • Source code licensing
  • OEM licensing
  • Reseller licensing
  • End user licensing
  • Third-party licensing
  • Click wrap and shrink wrap licensing
  • Freeware, lightware, trialware and shareware licensing
  • Limited, unlimited and volume purchases licenses

Grimes LLC is one of the world’s leading intellectual property firms. We have extensive experience in software licensing and related legal issues. Our firm will make sure your licenses are legally sound, address all of your needs and concerns, and safeguard your interests.

Correctly prepared software licenses can be vital to a business’s success. Attorneys at our firm have written hundreds of articles on intellectual property and licensing laws. They have provided legal commentary on television shows, and have held executive positions on boards of directors of major bar associations. Our team has backgrounds in intellectual property law, having practiced licensing, patent and trademark law for over four decades.

Licenses not only preserve the value of software, they keep you in control of the various aspects of how the software is used. Our firm will conduct a thorough assessment of your licensing requirements, and prepare any licenses that are needed to protect your intellectual property rights.

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