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Legal Assistance with Patent Litigation

There are many situations in which an attorney can assist your company to expand it’s rights and defend itself in connection with patent matters. Patent prosecution can help to establish the intellectual property rights that protect your company’s ideas and inventions from unauthorized use by other entities. It builds your intellectual property portfolio and increases the potential value of your operation, laying the foundation for further success. An attorney familiar with this area of law can be invaluable in preparing your concept or product for patent protection and enhancing its future enforcement. If you wish to license or acquire a patent, a legal professional can conduct due diligence and prepare an appropriate license agreement or purchase agreement.

If you have existing patents, you may become aware of infringement of those patents by others. In this case an attorney can apply a gradually intensifying program to protect your rights, starting with a cease and desist letter, culminating in an infringement. Where amicable resolutions are not possible, aggressive litigation can protect you from having your rights violated and your profits compromised. Conversely, if you have been accused of infringing on another’s patent, competent legal counsel can advise you as to your rights and options after a review of the specific situation and the devices or technologies involved. Possible solutions include a non-infringement settlement agreement, a licensing agreement or an understanding that the patent is not valid. Where litigation is necessary to obtain a just resolution, your legal representation can persist along this line.

Your Options on Patent Issues

Since 1980, Grimes LLC has been helping clients worldwide with their intellectual property needs. We provide services tailored to your specific circumstances and will help you evaluate your options and the best courses of action. Whether this entails negotiation and the establishment of relevant agreements, or alternative dispute resolution, or litigation, we are here to help you pursue the most successful outcome for your company.

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