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Is your licensing agreement protected?

Trade secrets can be of immeasurable value and contribute to the success of your business operation. If mishandled, however, you can cause the complete destruction of their value. If the confidential information held by your company’s executives and employees is your most valuable asset, trademarks,
copyrights and patents will not provide the protection you need. The intangibility of customer and supplier relationships, new and existing product information, business plans and processes and similar information requires specific steps to be taken to keep them protected. An adept attorney from our firm can review your organization and its trade secrets and devise a comprehensive plan to keep these vital assets safe.

Your legal counsel can draft and review all needed documentation regarding trade secrets, such as non-disclosure agreements, employment agreements and evaluation agreements. If you wish to have your trade secrets evaluated, sold or licensed, your legal counsel can take steps to protect your rights throughout the process and maximize your profits. If an employee, vendor or other individual or entity is encroaching upon your rights, immediate action is called for, such as a cease and desist letter, a temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction. If you are being threatened with legal action from another entity, such as an employee’s previous employer, prompt action is also required. Appropriate legal action can range from legal correspondence, a negotiated settlement, or filing of a declaratory judgment lawsuit.

Intellectual Property (IP) Litigation

The attorneys at Grimes LLC are seasoned in all matters relating to trade secrets, both in the United States and internationally, and are dedicated to providing the quality representation you need. We can assist with all the actions outlined above, as well as reviewing the policies you have in place regarding trade secrets and making recommendations regarding restricted access and the protection of your trade secrets.

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