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Acquiring, Protecting & Enforcing Your Trademarks

Trademark acquisition, protection and enforcement are all areas which can make or break your company. When you are pursuing the expansion and profits for which you have worked so hard, it is vital that you have the help of an intellectual property attorney in order to secure the rewards of your investment. A skilled intellectual property attorney can provide strategic advice regarding your trademarks and service marks, including logos, word marks, certification marks and trade dress.

When pursuing trademark rights, an important first step is an effective search and availability analysis. If obstacles are identified, competent intellectual property legal counsel can assist you to arrive at alternatives or negotiate licenses or other agreements that allow you use of certain marks.

Once established, trademarks demand stringent monitoring and defense against infringement. When needed, your legal representative can issue cease and desist letters, pursue legal action or negotiate license agreements. Alternately, if you are accused of infringing on another’s trademark rights, your attorney can evaluate your options, such as a co-existence agreement, settlement agreement, or litigation, and help you pursue the best resolution.

Has your patent been violated? Need to seek litigation?

With decades of experience, the attorneys at Grimes LLC can provide skilled legal counsel to help you acquire, protect and enforce your trademarks. The value your trademark rights represent to your company deserves conscientious representation, which we are committed to providing. Our firm’s partner, Michael Patrick, has been named a rising star Super Lawyer in the Connecticut and New England editions of “Corporate Counsel” for his work in intellectual property. It is this level of skill we bring to your business.

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